Somewhere in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, Abi Akume wakes up to find herself buried six feet beneath the earth, in a coffin, with no recollection of who she is or where she’s from. And that’s not all. She’s physiologically different.

Through disorienting memory flashes, she comes to understand an undeniable truth: she’s been betrayed. Betrayed by the very people she loved and trusted.

Abi will seek out answers. Flesh will be torn. Bones will be broken. Vengeance will be hers.

But as she embarks on her righteous crusade, a darkness looms, one that will push her to limits unknown and force her make choices she’s not prepared for.


Episode 1: The Dons of Indigbo [coming soon]

Episode 2: [undefined]

Episode 3: [undefined]

Episode 4: [undefined]

Episode 5: [undefined]

Episode 6: [undefined]